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IamFluidics provides microfluidic products and services based on a patent-pending technology called ‘in-air microfluidics’ (IAMF). IAMF is a novel chip-free technology that enables the production of monodisperse micro-emulsions and micro-suspensions at industry-level production rates while maintaining the resolution of conventional microfluidics. IamFluidics exclusively exploits IAMF technology to produce customized microparticles, build IAMF set-ups, and provides innovative solutions where conventional chip-based microfluidics fails.


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The IamFluidics team


Microfluidic chips provide unparalleled control over droplets and jets, which has advanced many academical applications. However, focusing on a chip-based approach only limits the full potential of microfluidics. Microfluidics applications could be vastly expanded by increasing the per-channel throughput and enabling direct integration with established industrial processes. With IAMF, we unlock these features. IAMF is a new chip-free concept to manipulate microscale liquid streams in the air.


By controlling the composition and impact of liquid microjets, we demonstrate the production of monodisperse emulsions, particles, and fibers at rates that are up to a 1000 times higher(!) as compared to chip-based droplet microfluidics. Importantly, all liquid processing occurs in gas (e.g. air), which is in sharp contrast to the conventional chip-based microfluidics. The open nature of IAMF makes it readily compatible with established industrial processing technologies such as spray drying, and thus primes its rapid widespread integration.